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Abell, A. S. Baltimore, Its History and Its People. Lewis Historical Publishing Company, New York (1912.) Three Volumes.

Alvey, Bob. Descendants of James and Sarah Burroughs Alvey, published on the internet at  His email address is  Last updated May 2003. Subscription internet genealogy site with multiple databases, including Federal Census and other primary image access.

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Bass, Andy.  Researching Smoot & related genealogy; a direct descendant of John Henry Smoot of Georgetown.  His email address is


Bates, Marlene S. & Wright, F. Edward. Early Charles County, Maryland Settlers, 1658-1745. Family Line Publications, Westminster, MD (1995).


Bible of Peter Bartleson. Births copied when in the possession of Ida L. Bodine, a great-granddaughter of Peter & Ann. As of early 1940s the Bible was thought to possibly be in the possession of Ida’s cousin, Harriet (Mrs. James) of Doylestown, PA. This information per Mary E. Woodman.


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Bostick, Wm. (Bill) D.  Sothoron descendant living in Oak Ridge, TN.  He has published the "Bostick-Cathey-Trahan-Choate Tree" on*, and has provided information through personal correspondence, citing Ms. Betty Brown Glazier of Columbia, TN and Hampshire Museum of Hampshire, TN (from materials donated by Dan & Ruth Shannon) as sources.  His e-mail address is

Bowie, Walter Worthington.  The Bowies and Their Kindred.  Polyanthos (1971).

Bridges, Betty Higgs.  The Higgs Family, Maryland to Missouri.  Privately published in 1978, copy in my possession.  Includes vital data from Higgs Family Bible.  As of December 2005 her email address (as Betty Higgs Lamberson) is


Broome, Thomas H III.  Descendant of William Clagett & Harriet Sothoron who has researched the Broome & related lines.  His email address is  His work is published on RootsWeb at and is fully sourced.

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Burke-Gardiner Bible.  As of Sept 2005 the Bible is in the possession of Kelly Keeley Flynn, a descendant of Eliza Ann Gardiner Burke.   She lives at 8810 Fenchurch Rd., Dallas Texas 75238. Her e-mail is: keeley 07@yahoocom.  Photocopies of family pages 1 through 4 were provided to me by Ellen P. Croll*.


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Calendar of Maryland State Papers. The original volumes had been combined into larger volumes. These volumes were copied into modern print in volumes identically labeled, with identification of original volume & liber, as well as liber in combined volume. Page numbers on the title line are those in the modern volumes; original text references are included in the text, in the order of [original volume, original folio, folio in combined volume]. Referenced modern volumes were published as below:

            Red Book Series:

                  Number 4, Part 2 - Hall of Records Commission No. 8

                  Number 4, Part 3 - Hall of Records Commission No. 10

            Blue Book:

                  Number 5 (Executive Miscellanea) - Commission No. 11

            Black Book:

                  Number 1 - Hall of Records Commission # 1


Callum, Agnes Kane. Colored Volunteers of Maryland - Civil War - 7th Regt. - U. S. Colored Troops. Copy of cover sheet & pages 3 & 4 found at Maryland State Archives (File # SC 1138-1938. Location 2/11/11/32)

Carden, Thor.  Published an extensive family tree at (URL no longer works, as of 28 June 2017). Mailing address is PO Box 2093, Madison, TN 37116.

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Cheryl.  Published Souls Of The Past on Ancestry World Tree (, last updated Feb 2005.  Her email addresses are and  In a personal communication she indicated that much of the Higgs information came from Bridges*, with some from Goodspeed*.

Clark, Chris.  Published from Goodspeed*.

Clark, Chris.  Published Clark-Brady Family Tree on*  (Ancestry World Tree).  Email address is

Clark(2), James Dennis.  A descendant of Leonard Clarke and Mary Sothoron of St. Mary's Co., MD, he lives in South Carolina, and has provided a great deal of information on his current-day relatives.  His email address is

Clark, James V.  Participant in Genforum for St. Mary's Co., MD on*, relative to Higgs & Clark families. His email address is

Clark(1), James V.  The Leonard Clark Family of Smith County, Tennessee.  Published on the Family Tree Maker web page (  NOTE:  URL no longer works as of 26 June 2017.


Clark, Martie June. Loyalists in the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War. Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore (1981).


Clarke, Andy. “Wallace.” Posted on Internet at  Email address is  Last updated July 2001.

Colcock, Charles J., C.E. The Family of Hay. A History of the Progenitors and Some South Carolina Descendants of Col. Ann Hawkes Hay With Collateral Genealogies, A.D. 500--1908. Reprinted with later lines added by Mrs. T.D. Bateman. Pelican Publishing Co., New Orleans, 1959.

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(The) Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, P. O. Box 1776, Williamsburg, VA 23187. The Foundation has a colonial-period side table furnished by the family of Kate Lansdale Curtis. Some family history was provided by Kate’s two daughters in the process of authenticating the table; the Foundation furnished that information to me.


Compiled Service Record. Obtained from National Archives & Records Administration, Washington, DC.


Compton's Encyclopedia, 1971 Edition.

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Coughlin, Thomas F.  A descendant of Conrad Schörge & Anna Catherina Ernst.  He as extensively studied the Schörge/Sherier family.  His email address is

Crick, Phyllis J. Vital Statistics of Darke County, Ohio Home. Compiled for the Darke County Historical Society, and held at the Garst Museum, Greenville.

Croll, Ellen P.  Researching her husband Stu's family.


Crozier, William Armstrong, ed. Virginia County Records. Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore (1971). Published originally by The Genealogical Association, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ.


DAR Application of Julia Sothoron Buddington. Copy provided to me by Mrs. Buddington.


DAR Report.  Report of the Genealogical Records Committee, District of Columbia, DAR, to the Library of the National Society of the DAR, 1944-45, abstracting Maryland Court Records for families Sothoron, Briscoe, Greenfield & Wilkinson.  Copy held at the District of Columbia Historical Society.


Darke County, Ohio Birth Records, 1867-1908. Compiled by Darke County Historical Society; held at Garst Museum, Greenville.


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Davis, Jenny. Information posted on the Sothoron message board at*.

Davis, Wm. H., A.M. The History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Chapter on Newspapers in Bucks County. 1876 & 1905 (Posted on* site for Bucks County, contributed by Donna Bluemink).  Also available at*


Dixon, Joan M. National Intelligencer & Washington Advertiser Newspaper Abstracts. Heritage Books, Bowie, MD (series over several years).

Donovan, Jane & Fletcher, Carlton.  William King's Mortality Books.  Two volumes (1795-1832 & 1833-1863).  Heritage Books ((2001 & 2004).


Donovan, Martha Levin Sothoron ("Martie"). Daughter of Levin Johnson Sothoron, Jr. (1903-1951), Martie has provided considerable information for her "side" of the family.  She lives in Nevada & her e-mail address is

Dorman, John F., ed. Virginia Genealogist. Periodical.

Eagen, Colleen. Montgomery County, PA page of*


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Families of Darke County, Ohio. Prepared & published by Darke County Genealogical Society, Greenville, OH. Vol. I, 1994; Vol. II, 1996. Web page for genealogical research sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


Farek, Mary.  Author of Tilley genealogy in Ancestry World Tree on*, last updated 25 August 2001.  Her email address is

Farmer, G. Robert, Sr.  "Bob Farmer Sr's Genealogy 7 May 2012.  Published (with sources identified) on at   He is a descendant of Marshall Presley Martin & Annie Sothoron Clagett.

Federal Pension Application - Minor’s Certificate No. 645-395. Applications from relatives of John T. H. Sothoron (a.k.a. John J. H. Sothoron), who served as a Teamster in Company I, 94th Regiment, of the Ohio Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War. Records are held by the National Archives. This particular file contains numerous entries, including supporting documents, which are excerpted into the Chronology.


Federal Pension Application - Soldier’s Certificate No. 654-813. Applications from John C. Sothoron, who served in Company A, 113th Ohio Infantry during the Civil War. Records are held by the national Archives. Components of the file, which includes supporting documents, are excerpted into the Chronology.


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Fresco(3), Margaret K.  Marriages and Deaths, St. Mary's County Maryland, 1634-1900. Ridge, Maryland 20680 (1982), Third Edition printed in 2001.


Gardiner-Sothoron Family Bible. Original “Family Register” pages in the possession of Marguerite Marie [McCreight] Engelhardt of Modesto, CA. Her nephew, Richard Douglas McCreight, (, Fayetteville, NC has scanned copies and furnished information therefrom to me.


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Gilliams, Howard S. Provided me a flow chart of Gilliams genealogy, dated 4/27/1982, prepared by his aunt Francis Brand Gilliams MacMillan in 1972.


Gilliams Papers. Notes by John Jacob Gilliams, son of Jacob Gilliams & Ann Sothoron Gilliams. The notes were typed and edited by Francis B. Gilliams in the latter years of his life. The papers were provided to me by Howard Sothoron Gilliams, 11602 Bunnell Court, South, Potomac, MD 20854.


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Gough, Robert L.  Descendant of Richard Gough & Ann Lee Sothoron.  Has extensively researched the Gough & related families.  His email address is  All referenced material was provided by him directly to me (WHS*).

Grace, Hope. Balances and Final Distributions. JJ & JF (1782-1816) & JF1 (1816-1829). St. Mary’s County Historical Society (undated).


Grave Marker. Markers so noted were seen by WHS* unless otherwise cited.  See Cemeteries for a full list and additional information.

Grumbling, Jean.  "My Coyler Family," posted on Ancestry World Tree at*.

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Jeffords, Frances Jean Alvey. Descedant of John Alvey & Mary Worthington of St. Mary's Co., MD.  Her information came from the Alvey Family Bible (in her possession) and first-hand knowledge, supplemented by Census records, etc.  Her e-mail address is

Johnson, Cass.  Clarkroots, published in Ancestry World Tree on*, last updated Jan 2005.  Email address is

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"Krauss Family Links", published on  The Home Page is at Provides extensive information on the Summerhill family.  The author's email address is

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Names of Georgetown streets changed by 1895 (Lewis*), as follows (Hopkin*):

Water K Congress 31
Bridge M High 32, Wise Ave.
Prospect Prospect Potomac Potomac
First, Gay N Market 33
Second, Beall O Frederick 34
Third, West P Fayette 35
Fourth, Stoddard Q Lingan 36
Fifth R Warren 37
Sixth S    
Seventh T    
Eighth U    
  NOTE:  Old series house numbers were from west to east (odd on south side) and from south to north.

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