Sothoron and Related Families - a Genealogical Pursuit


This page will provide access to information on places (including cemeteries) that are of particular importance in the history of the Sothoron and related families.  Thus far (July 2011) I  have developed the page for "Hillsboro" and expect to add "Salona" and "The Plains" in the near future.

CemeteriesThis is the gateway to cemeteries identified as containing the remains of and/or memorials to family members.

Hillsboro.  For almost 100 years this was the home of my branch of the Haddox family.  It is in the Wakefield District of Rappahannock County, Virginia at the foot of Riley Canyon.

Salona is located on Route 123 in McLean, VA. Once the home of Harry "Light Horse" Lee, it was the place to which Dolley Madison fled when Washington was overtaken by the British in the War of 1812.

The Plains.  Several generations of the Sothoron family lived on this St. Mary's County, Maryland farm.  It came into the Sothoron family as result of the marriage of Mary (daughter of Henry Peregrine) Jowles and John Johnson (son of John) Sothoron in about 1734.

The Potomac Palisades.  This area in Washington, DC is where the Sherier/Schörge family settled in the early/mid 1800s, and where there is now a street named "Sherier Place."  The attached document provides a history of the area, with several references to the Sherier family.