St. Joseph's Catholic, Morganza, St. Mary's County, MD

St. Joseph's Catholic Church is located on the south side of Point Lookout Road (MD Route 5), just east of the intersection with MD Route 242 (Morganza-Turner Road).  The New cemetery is on the opposite side of Route 5.  The Old cemetery is about 1/4 mile further east, in the northwest corner of the intersection with Busy Corner Road.  Most of the stones in the Old cemetery are badly weathered and/or broken, and very difficult to read.

The following views are to the east.

Hancock Grouping No. 1
Lillian G.             Eleanor L.      Frances F.
Aquilla B.   Lillian B. and Leonard H.
Hancock Grouping No. 2
Mary P. and Benjamin L. Joseph M. and Mary A.
Anderson Grouping
James Briscoe Lewis Lawrence E.

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