Presbyterian Cemetery, Georgetown, Washington, DC

Only remaining information is at the Peabody Room, D.C. Public Library Branch, R Street at The graveyard opened in 1802 to support the Presbyterian Church. In the late 1800s it was poorly kept and subject to vandalism. In 1897 the city administration converted it to a playground, after due notice to relatives to move those graves so wished. It is estimated that over 200 graves are still unaccounted for and probably still there, including Revolutionary War veterans. Over the years gravestones have occasionally surfaced. All burial records were lost when the church burned. The ground lies between Volta St & Q St, and 33rd andThere is a surviving ownership plat. On it are shown:

Plat 443, Main section, owned by G. Sothoron.
Plats 8 through 10 and 32 through 34 (together forming a large square), Section G, owned by Dr. William Sothoron.
Plats 9 through 11, Section F, owned by J. H. Smoot.Section F, owned by J. H. Smoot.

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