Mount Olivet Cemetery, 2930 Frederick Avenue, Baltimore, MD

Records are maintained at:

Church Museum - Archives (for entire Conference)
Lovely Lane United Methodist Church
2200 St. (4Records are also included in book by Winterbottom*. In respect to Lot 80 of Area O, the owners are Florence E. Spence, Edward J. Medlin, Margaret A. Geldmacher, Thos. S. Knipp & Hugh A. Barnes. Burials were as follows:

Mabel B. Medlin 5/8/1922
John A. Geldmacher 12/10/1926
Geo. A. Spence 5/12/1922
Elsie Spence 6/2/1924
Hugh A. Barnes, Jr. 5/1/1922
Robert H. Barnes 5/1/1922 (disinterred from 249-J)
Hugh A. Barnes 7/15/1932
Jas. H. Barnes 1/12/1935
Fannie C. Knipp 11/28/1936
Lee Robt. Sothoron 8/22/1942
Thomas S. Knipp 5/11/1964
Florence E. Spence 7/21/1939
Mary A. Barnes 5/20/1952
George Thomas Barnes 4/16/1946
Margaret A. Geldmacher 10/16/1951
Maurice A. Blankner 3/19/1940
Susie B. Blankner 1/4/1951

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