Higgs CemeteryThe Higgs Cemetery is located on a hill above a spring which runs into Pogue's Creek.  Lloyd Dilbeck now owns this farm near Butterfield, Missouri.  There are several unmarked graves.  (Bridges* :75)
Artelia E. Higgs
dau. of AH and ME Higgs
Nov. 9, 1871, May 6, 1875
son of AJ and MJ
July 9, 1873
Oct 9, 1885
Ettie E. Higgs
dau. of NE and JZ Higgs
Sept. 27, 1820
Feb. 3, 1821
Mary Geneva Higgs
dau. of Thos McD and MD Higgs
April 1, 1872
Mar. 25, 1875
Adeline E. Higgs
dau. of J and M Higgs
April 17, 1825
Feb. 20, 1862
Alexander and Margaret E. Higgs
    1839-1904        1844-1912
James K. Higgs and Martha J. Higgs
   1833-1922             1839-1905
Tollie Higgs
Harve Higgs and Belle Higgs
  1871-1942    1877-1942
John Higgs    and    Martha Higgs
Aug. 21, 1792      Jan. 23, 1802
May 16, 1883-5  Sept. 22, 1889


From Bridges* :76 the following:

849 Warranty Deed
Julia A. Brite
Et Al to Barry Co.
for cemetery
Filed for record
May 12th 1890 at
9:30 o'clock
Charles Bryan Recorder

        State of Missouri

        County of Barry

                On this the 26th day of April 1890
before me personally appeared Julia A. Brite _____ Zachariah Higgs and Betty his wife (by their attorney Thomas Mc Higgs) James K. Higgs and Martha J. Higgs his wife, Alexander Higgs and Margaret E. Higgs his wife, Thomas M. Higgs and Mary Higgs his wife, S. R. Higgs and Martha Higgs his wife, James A. Duncan Eliza Duncan his wife, Charles B. Duncan and Julia R. Duncan his wife, Julia Baker and James Baker her husband, F. M. Duncan (single) To me known to be the persons described in an who executed the foregoing instrument and acknowledges that they executed the same as their free act and deed. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my official seal at my office in Barry County the day and yer As above written.

                Charles S. Bryan

Deed Book 44:174 Bryan

Deed Book 44:174

"It is understood that this deed is made to the said hand for the Graveyard for the Parties of the first part and their heirs."
The plot consists of one half acre.

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